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As this is the third time the city has proposed to turn JEA into chips, they just might have a gambling problem. And we have much more to lose than merely money. (But lots of that, too.) Chapter 21  is the portion of our city charter that establishes JEA with all the plenary authority of city government to “own, manage and operate a utility system within and without the City of Jacksonville.” Within the JEA charter, there are several kinds of power codified for the people of Duval. There is, of course, the authority to own and operate electricity, gas and water/sewer systems and all the properties and infrastructure that goes with that responsibility. Another kind of power is civil authority, your authority. Back in the heady days before term limits, when elected officials needed to apply long-term thinking to enjoy long-term success, JEA was created as an extension of city government. JEA’s civil authority has allowed Jacksonville to manage its own development and expand utilities based on what’s happening here, rather than what’s happening on Wall Street. This arrangement has been good for a city that consolidated with the surrounding county. Jacksonville could not have expanded electricity, water and sewer into the rest of the county so quickly and affordably with tax-free bonds if it had had to negotiate the expansion with a private utility based on market value. We are still reaping the benefits of those savings.

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